Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fox on Facebook

To keep abreast of all things fox, we've got a Facebook page up and running. Previously it was run by our team, but our team have been exceedingly busy making, you know... the app. Now it's in better, more attentive hands!

To get updates straight into your feed, feel free to like the fox page and you'll be the first to know when the app drops!

Link to: The Paper Fox Facebook


  1. I'm not sure that link goes exactly where you want it to...

  2. hahaha! Some free traffic for them :) Thanks for the pick up. Fixed.

  3. Looks fantastic, I wish I could have joined in on the crowd funding at the time but missed out.

    Anyway, I was given an android tablet, so now Ill definitely want to purchase it because it looks so lovely. Well done to you and your team, you'll surely be up for some sort of digital award.

    Congrats fellow Melbourne artist! :)